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forward-looking / предусмотрительный, дальновидный, прогрессивный
имя прилагательное
prudent, provident, cautious, farsighted, foresighted, forward-looking
farsighted, sagacious, farseeing, clairvoyant, forward-looking, clear-sighted
progressive, advanced, forward, onward, accelerating, forward-looking
имя прилагательное
favoring innovation and development; progressive.
A quiet, retiring man, Dominick was a progressive and forward-thinking farmer, and was highly thought-of by all who knew him.
To be progressive and forward-looking is all that counts.
Naomi was no worse, and she conveyed to the world that we were a forward-looking , progressive congregation.
Investors want to locate in an area which is forward-looking and progressive.
Here is the forward-looking , modern and internationalist Sweden.
While at once forward-looking , a progressive movement is also well rooted in the historic tides of reform in America.
I just need to think my way through it and come to a positive, constructive and forward-looking conclusion.
In one decision, he is progressively democratic and forward-looking .
A bright sunny morning with clear blue skies - perfect for producing the positive and forward-looking mood that I need.
At the tender age of nine he was well aware of how extraordinarily lucky he had been and has since made a point of being determinedly positive and forward-looking .
Now isn't that a venue for a modern, forward-looking party?