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fortune / состояние, фортуна, счастье
имя существительное
condition, state, status, position, fortune, situation
happiness, luck, fortune, bliss, blessing, felicity
strike, bang against, fortune
happen, occur, be, match, take place, fortune
имя существительное
chance or luck as an external, arbitrary force affecting human affairs.
some malicious act of fortune keeps them separate
a large amount of money or assets.
he eventually inherited a substantial fortune
The whole system looked like a proper dog's dinner and it cost a fortune to set up.
The men in the famous zebra stripes could scarcely believe their ill fortune when they were denied two penalties in the first ten minutes.
Like I didn't spend a fortune having the Times sent to me every day.
The president himself made a small fortune selling his failed oil company to business friends of his father.
They usually employed various psychological techniques to cope with and often even thrive upon any ill fortune that came their way.
As a result she had been kicked around by fortune as it pleased, painfully aware of its brute force.
This call is costing me a fortune , so don't waste my time and money denying this.
I spent a fortune on drink
The second Megan stepped inside, she knew that it must have cost Chris a fortune to get the reservations.
They have not reached this predicament simply through ill fortune .