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fortunately / к счастью, по счастливой случайности
к счастью
fortunately, luckily, happily, mercifully
по счастливой случайности
by good fortune, luckily, fortunately
it is fortunate that.
fortunately, no shots were fired and no one was hurt
this sort of thing is fortunately rare
Unfortunately or fortunately , depending on your point of view, they have not come yet.
Kids' lit is booming these days, which fortunately means there's a lot to choose from.
In one case a bed, which fortunately was unoccupied, was scattered with broken glass.
fortunately, no shots were fired and no one was hurt
It would fortunately be impossible for a reviewer to give away all the dramatic shifts of Jorgenson's life.
Blemishes of this kind detract from but fortunately do not destroy the excellence of so much else in this welcome volume.
Her friend's house took a direct hit, but fortunately the family were out.
I just can't get enough wild Scottish mushrooms and, fortunately , there is no shortage.
But fortunately I've not had to learn many of these songs, just be reminded of the lyrics.