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fortress / крепость
имя существительное
fortress, strength, stronghold, citadel, tower, bastion
имя существительное
a military stronghold, especially a strongly fortified town fit for a large garrison.
World War I saw the evolution of a new fortification setup combining field strongholds with fortresses .
No nation can erect a fortress against influenza - not even the world's wealthiest country.
The town was in fact a village within a fortress , though not the strongest of them all.
The water fortress is the earliest man-made ancient military port in the country.
It is not because my husband and I are less willing to give time to good causes, but because our attempts to do so have been blocked by a fortress mentality.
He never intended for voice mail to become the impenetrable fortress of evil that it has become today.
In fact, almost every castle, fortress , town or village had some sort of arena.
It was really surprising to know that Camp Abubakar was a military fortress and not an ordinary Muslim community.
In 1665, Nikofor Chernigovsky converted the town into a fortress .
Six years ago the bank was being admonished for its narrow focus, its fortress mentality, and its lack of responsiveness.
It was a separate fortress surrounded by strong walls.