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fortitude / стойкость, сила духа, мужество
имя существительное
durability, persistence, stamina, endurance, fortitude, perseverance
сила духа
fortitude, strength of mind
courage, bravery, guts, fortitude, virility, heart
имя существительное
courage in pain or adversity.
she endured her illness with great fortitude
Her passing, after a long illness borne with true courage and fortitude , touched the hearts of all who knew her.
He fought for a fair time, aware he had fortitude but neither real courage nor strength.
she endured her illness with great fortitude
Past generations had much worse to deal with, but showed stoicism, forbearance and fortitude .
He died peacefully after a short illness borne with characteristic courage and fortitude .
Face obstacles and difficulties at work and at home with courage and fortitude .
These black periods must have been harrowing in the extreme, but were borne with great fortitude and courage.
Peter, who was aged 72, died following an illness borne with much courage and fortitude .
We're experts at turning a noble fiasco into a story about fortitude and stoicism.
Yet the grouping must find the same internal fortitude to learn from adversity as it has done in the past.