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fortification / укрепление, укрепления, фортификация
имя существительное
fortification, consolidation, reinforcement, stockade
fortification, defenses, defense, wall, defence, defences
имя существительное
a defensive wall or other reinforcement built to strengthen a place against attack.
Mortars were originally developed for siege warfare to lob munitions over walls and other fortifications .
Where dietary and food processing conditions are favourable, fortification can be effective quickly and at low cost.
the fortification of the frontiers
Each category within the industry markets its items to one population segment or another, whether through flavor variety, nutritional fortification or manner of use.
Using survey data, ARS researchers examine diets as a factor in select diseases and help public policy officials make decisions about food safety and food fortification .
Burrington believes consumers have an interest in seeing fortification , in general, across the dairy sector.
Despite all of the attention currently focused on low-carb and fortification in the dairy sector, some consumers still want their milk and ice cream without all the nips and tucks.
By providing increased firepower, it both made fortification more difficult, and undermined the power of cavalry.
Consequently, many army and navy officers urged improvements in U.S. armaments and urged a program of new coastal fortification .
The fortification process simply restores the product to its original healthy profile.
We battled for folic acid fortification - and we won!