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forthwith / немедленно, тотчас
immediately, instantly, forthwith, right away, straight, directly
immediately, at once, instantly, forthwith, right away, directly
(especially in official use) immediately; without delay.
we undertake to pay forthwith the money required
These costs are not payable forthwith but will be paid in any event of the cause.
A short while later, we heard a distant bugle and forthwith the entire camp marched down.
In order to ensure the continuing maintenance and supply of water it is essential that all outstanding rates are paid forthwith .
He did not claim asylum at the airport because he was afraid that he would be returned forthwith to Malaysia.
Neither cost orders, which were made payable forthwith , have been paid.
The sum of $43,000 will be paid forthwith to the solicitors of each party.
There is a more pernicious red herring that needs to be smelled out forthwith .
It is an evil application, and should be banned forthwith .
Right, well, I am left with no option but to dismiss you forthwith and to insist on your immediate deportation.
I have been commanded to return them to the property forthwith so they can be consulted at a moment's notice.