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forthcoming / предстоящий, грядущий, приближающийся
имя прилагательное
coming, forthcoming, impending, ahead, oncoming, toward
future, coming, forthcoming, which is to come
coming, oncoming, forthcoming
имя существительное
approximation, approach, forthcoming, oncoming, imminence, adit
appearance, emergence, emerging, apparition, emersion, forthcoming
имя прилагательное
planned for or about to happen in the near future.
the forthcoming baseball season
(of something required) ready or made available when wanted or needed.
financial support was not forthcoming
Of course doctors and receptionists should be forthcoming with this information.
As a prelude to the book, Dr Mitra has compiled an audio CD of some of the works that will appear in the forthcoming book.
The chairman promised funds would be made available but none were forthcoming .
The FBI is currently investigating, and thus far no announcements appear forthcoming .
How do you educate end users to be a bit more forthcoming with information?
To this end we request your confirmation that the information requested will be forthcoming .
You can hear clips of the forthcoming album recorded on a mobile phone for the special ‘in the studio’ quality.
If they were forthcoming with information, they would have been able to get the electorate back on their side.
Information was always forthcoming on the whereabouts of a fox before the hunt, or when the hounds lost their line.
Paterson admitted he would face a dilemma if a formal offer from United was forthcoming in the next few days.