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forte / форте
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
сильная сторона
имя существительное
a thing at which someone excels.
small talk was not his forte
the stronger part of a sword blade, from the hilt to the middle.
The forte is used to parry, the medio to engage and the debole to hit.
a passage performed or marked to be performed loudly.
But to watch a whiplash rapper ride the crest of an orchestral forte is a genuine awakening.
(especially as a direction) loud or loudly.
The Petrarchian Sonnet is not quite as successful, Cliburn's dynamics favoring mezzo-forte and forte a little too much throughout.
Ploughing was his forte and he loved to sow and plant the crops, watch them grow and mature, and harvest them at the back-end.
The opening number had the performers singing grand forte two feet from you.
But to watch a whiplash rapper ride the crest of an orchestral forte is a genuine awakening.
That said, Ali Baba's forte lies in its masterly lahmacuns and pides - appropriately enough, Turkey's answer to the pizza.
Davis' main strength, fund raising, is also Clinton's forte .
This is a good piece to work on the many levels of forte playing, especially in an ensemble setting.
If innovation isn't the industry's forte , adapting research to the profit motive certainly is.
Schepkin is the ideal accompanist, expertly handling the quirky piano solo halfway through the piece and slamming his forte chords with the right degree of surprise.
His forte lay in articulating authentic emotion, because most of his fictional writing was structured around intensely felt personal experiences.
Our forte right now, whether we like it or not, is that we're a live band.