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fort / форт
имя существительное
fort, stockade, post, presidio, frontier
имя существительное
a fortified building or strategic position.
This period saw the establishment of a number of strongly defended forts on strategically placed high points all over the region.
A garrison court-martial was identical to a regimental court-martial, but was appointed by the officer commanding a fixed post such as a fort .
The Army established the fort in 1867 to protect rail lines planned to run through the area to help move livestock.
The ship fired a dozen shots at the ancient Spanish fort guarding the capital.
At the east end is a small promontory fort , probably Iron Age.
Soon he arrived at what appeared to be a very primitive border fort .
Was this a prehistoric promontory fort , as traces might indicate?
A Pakistani army fort stands where the young Winston Churchill shot down rebels.
After nearly half an hour, a large stone fort began to form in the horizon.
The former Army coastal defense fort , built in 1942, sits in second-growth forest about two miles north of Coupeville.
The mound is surmounted by an old Turkish fort .