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forswear / зарекаться, отрекаться, закаяться
renounce, repudiate, deny, retract, disown, forswear
forswear, swear to give up
agree to give up or do without (something).
he would never forswear the religion of his people
They must forswear the use of race as a political weapon.
he would never forswear the religion of his people
Once again, I am faced with the choice of vices to forswear , in the spirit of turning over a new leaf.
No appreciable number of people is really leaving, but if they are made to forswear any attention to or involvement in the whole sordid mess going forward, something similar is accomplished.
But there's no requirement that people cease or forswear political opposition.
Over the past 20 years, incentives have been used to successfully encourage other emergent and existing nuclear weapons powers to forswear the bomb, making the world a much safer place.
They had to forswear violence, to wind up their paramilitary wing and to proceed to completion with the process of disarmament.
Though we had visited most of these harbors on previous cruises, the amount of port time encouraged us to forswear organized tours and strike out on our own.
Berowne says that he has no problem subscribing to a decree that can be forsworn on mere necessity, and he signs the document.
Brown has promised not to borrow and has now forsworn increases in income tax.