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formula / формула, формулировка, рецепт
имя существительное
formulation, wording, statement, formula, drafting, enunciation
recipe, prescription, formula, receipt, prescript
имя существительное
a mathematical relationship or rule expressed in symbols.
He gave the well-known formula for the Fibonacci numbers
a fixed form of words, especially one used in particular contexts or as a conventional usage.
a legal formula
a list of ingredients for or constituents of something.
the soft drink company closely guards its secret formula
(usually followed by a number) a classification of race car, especially by engine capacity.
Scott passed Barnard on the inside and his years of experience in the V8 formula paid off as he began to open his lead and pick his way through the back markers with consummate skill.
Whatever doctrinal formula is chosen to describe the current crisis, therefore, the conclusion is the same.
a legal formula
Acetic acid is a clear, colorless liquid with the chemical formula C 2 H 4 O 2.
The challenge for the SPC was to find a formula of words to be introduced into the Development Plan recognising the guidelines while at the same time securing the best result for the county.
The formula worked, and before long he was picking up regular bookings.
Zingerman's provides a valuable example of a formula for achieving just that.
He gave the well-known formula for the Fibonacci numbers
For example, he gave an approximate formula for the area and the perimeter of an ellipse.
While iron oxide in its nonstoichometric form is still represented by the FeO formula , the proportion of its components will deviate from that of the compound in its ideal form.
Ptolemy's Almagest was a complete theory, but it involved applying a different mathematical formula for the motion of each planet and therefore did not really represent an overall unifying system.