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formless / бесформенный, аморфный
имя прилагательное
formless, shapeless, unformed, amorphous, malformed, unshapely
amorphous, formless
имя прилагательное
without a clear or definite shape or structure.
a dark and formless idea
The zone suspends light and shadow, hanging them like a formless gray gauze.
She ran without effort, the world reduced to formless blurs of color.
There, in the flickering firelight, she saw some formless shape join two waiting others.
A rampart of intricate and infinitely various shapes, it gives form to the formless open sea.
I'm beginning to suspect, rather, that we are witnessing the emergence of a new but still largely formless language that will one day be the language of the world.
As he neared the hill the shapes took outlines of men instead of the formless gray lumps they'd appeared as.
An idea slipped out, as formless at first as the faint shadows of the courtyard around them in the early rays of dawn.
After months of seemingly formless frame work the shape of the new community is emerging as the cladding is added to the exterior.
If a poem is random or formless , I think it's deficient.
It is a vague, formless mass movement motivated by divergent expectations of change.