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formation / образование, формирование, создание
имя существительное
education, formation, forming, generation, schooling, background
formation, organization
creature, creation, development, making, formation, coinage
имя существительное
the action of forming or process of being formed.
the formation of the Great Rift Valley
a structure or arrangement of something.
a cloud formation
The granulomatous pattern showed a formation of multiple granulomata with various degrees of inflammatory cell infiltration.
Serotonin is stored in platelets and its release stimulates thrombus formation .
a cloud formation
One day we were in a position in the formation where it was logical for the copilot to fly the bomb run.
Using analogous colors would have broken down the cohesive whole into smaller but related parts like strata in a rock formation .
Pyroclastic rocks are preserved in nearly every limestone and sandstone formation of the Hungarian Palaeogene Basin.
The creative process of formation was more important than the production of pictures.
Currently there is much interest in spiritual disciplines and the process of spiritual formation .
Depending on the location, the tactical formation , and the method of action, ambushes might be what are called meeting, parallel, or circular.
The key is to be able to spot the formation of the patterns as they are developing.