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format / формат, форма, размер
имя существительное
format, size, form
form, shape, mold, uniform, format, mode
size, rate, scale, extent, dimension, format
draw, execute, formalize, format, package, get up
имя существительное
the way in which something is arranged or set out.
the format of the funeral service
(especially in computing) arrange or put into a format.
So after the landscape is sketched out through gathering material, I arrange and format the sounds into some kind of set or collection which works well together.
The format of this book is alive with visuals and packed with persuasive language.
The layout of the page is determined not by the artist but by the format of the exemplar book.
Songs are compressed according to the digital MP3 file format , which allows for easy transmission over the Web.
The format and presentation of this book makes it ideal for use as a basic introduction to Baptist history.
Tapes were incredibly slow: a 120 mb backup would take over an hour, not to mention the time required to format them to make them useful.
AMC provides a guidebook, in downloadable PDF format , to accompany the Toolkit.
What the MP3 format of recording does is to sort of compress the written form of the song on a CD, so that more space is left on the disc to record more songs.
If you choose the latter, then you will need to format your hard disk and do a clean install of the operating system and applications.
Surprisingly, few members of the legislature appear to be adopting this format .
The paper will come in a compact format and be full colour.