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formally / формально, официально
formally, officially, pro forma
officially, formally
in accordance with the rules of convention or etiquette.
he was formally attired
the mayor will formally open the new railroad station
in outward form or appearance; in theory.
the theorems in question are formally true
If we opened the border more formally , many more people would come.
The judge noted the respondent's objection to reliance on this passage but does not appear to have formally ruled on it.
I think that the reason he took the trouble to dress formally is because he had a great regard for etiquette.
The building will not formally be opened for another few weeks but the organisers of last night's premiere managed to hire it out for the occasion.
The MP was in town to formally open the station yesterday following the completion of a £9 million project.
The term alkyl refers to the hydrocarbon functional group derived formally by the loss of a hydrogen atom from the alkane.
The UK's ratification of the convention formally takes effect next month.
Should the MPs dress formally and meet indoors, showing that they were a professional, hard-working coalition?
When I'm referring to it and to its predecessors more formally I use the term ‘notebook’.
the mayor will formally open the new railroad station