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formality / формальность, педантичность
имя существительное
formality, form, solemnity, ceremony, punctilio
pedantry, formality, preciseness, priggishness, formalism, punctilio
имя существительное
the rigid observance of rules of convention or etiquette.
he retained the formality of his social background
She didn't like that - the way his sudden formality put distance between them.
However, such benefits may come at a cost as a rigid formality may conflict with deeply held professional values such as autonomy, solidarity, flexibility, and a belief in tacit knowledge.
A new sweetness pervades daily life and replaces the coldness and formality of familial relationships under aristocracy.
Do we not sense a paradox here, in such procedural sameness and rigid formality applied to nature's bounteous diversity?
Shirley was always disturbed by the formality he displayed in front of her brother, though she said nothing of it.
The family drops by often; so much so, in fact, that knocking on the door is a formality they no longer observe.
For Vera and her family, tea consoles; for the Wells and their set, it's a ceremony, observed like everything else, with rigid formality .
with disconcerting formality the brothers shook hands
While this move was presented by Swapo as a procedural formality , observers agreed that it reflected strong internal differences.
Rigid self-control went hand-in-hand with a precise and exacting formality .