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formalism / формализм, обрядовость, педантичность
имя существительное
formalism, precisianism, beadledom
formalism, ceremonialism
pedantry, formality, preciseness, priggishness, formalism, punctilio
имя существительное
excessive adherence to prescribed forms.
academic dryness and formalism
a description of something in formal mathematical or logical terms.
Yet the development of the general theory of relativity introduced Einstein to the power of abstract mathematical formalisms , notably that of tensor calculus.
The best work on the show fluctuates between two greatly differing styles, one a kind of elemental formalism , the other a figurative, narrative post-modernism.
He shared a nineteenth-century German dislike for religious formalism and ceremony.
As a quasi-court, the OEB is all legal formalism .
The rival personae can contradict each other, so that the poetry is pulled one way and the other, between the extremes of sterile formalism and sloganeering.
Judd's thesis augured the inevitable evolution of Modern art into pure formalism and object-ness.
Analytic ethics has been very fairly impoverished given the postivist legacy of emotivism, the formalism of Kantian ethics and the technicalism of utilitarianism.
Coercive, manipulative attempts to recur to the symbolic (to enlist the unconscious mind) end in dead formalism , like bad adolescent prose and most modern poetry.
Fortunately, I grew out of the spell of legal formalism and its infantile over-simplifications.
The transactional interpretation would then have to be considered in the context of such a revised formalism to decide if a conflict exists.
This latest show, however, confirms that his art is still resolutely factual and transparent, and his commitment to a kind of painterly formalism undiminished.