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formal / формальный, официальный, номинальный
имя прилагательное
formal, official, pro forma, ceremonial, perfunctory, regular
official, formal, regular, solemn, ceremonial, established
nominal, rated, par, titular, formal, indicated
имя существительное
вечернее платье
evening dress, evening gown, formal dress, formal, full dress
официальный прием
rout, formal
имя прилагательное
done in accordance with rules of convention or etiquette; suitable for or constituting an official or important situation or occasion.
a formal dinner party
officially sanctioned or recognized.
a formal complaint
of or concerned with outward form or appearance, especially as distinct from content or matter.
I don't know enough about art to appreciate the purely formal qualities
имя существительное
an evening gown.
She would do her hair up for fun sometimes, and trot around her apartment in evening formals for no reason at all.
They were excessively formal when speaking to each other, they spent no more time than they had to with each other, and even seemed to have staked out territories in and around the palace.
Additionally, the man himself is an inspiration due to his own lack of formal design education.
He liked singing and dancing with the primary school art group but he was not a formal member.
A scattering of red pillows with white roses on the couch alludes to the formal gardens just beyond the window, while keeping Paul's favorite color in the mix.
There were about 20 of them, including some very small children, a few women, but mostly men, and they were all dressed as if for a formal occasion.
It was written by her husband, yet its style was rigidly formal , consistently using her surname alone.
In my experience as an architect, a house in which every space is designed for everyday living is far more satisfying than one with unused formal spaces for formal guests who never show up.
Now he was formal and unreadable, the commander, once more.
They both just said, ‘So, are you going to the formal with anyone yet?’
The techniques, formal vocabulary and imagination that this book highlights leave us eager to learn much more.