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form / форма, вид, бланк
имя существительное
form, shape, mold, uniform, format, mode
view, kind, form, look, appearance, species
form, blank, slip, guest card, billhead, census paper
form, constitute, generate
form, shape, mold, troop, texture, head
create, build, establish, make, produce, form
имя существительное
the visible shape or configuration of something.
the form, color, and texture of the tree
a mold, frame, or block in or on which something is shaped.
You fill the forms with stone and concrete, then ‘slip’ the forms up for the next level.
a particular way in which a thing exists or appears; a manifestation.
her obsession has taken the form of compulsive exercise
a type or variety of something.
sponsorship is a form of advertising
the customary or correct method or procedure; what is usually done.
an excessive concern for legal form and precedent
bring together parts or combine to create (something).
the company was formed in 1982
make or fashion into a certain shape or form.
form the dough into balls
having the form of.
having a particular number of.
Dip a glass into water and see if droplets form on the surface.
The subject is too self-conscious, the Italian still more concerned with form than feeling.
I am lucky enough to be part of a team whose form has been magnificent, with mesmerising displays.
It is contended, rightly, that no particular form of words is required so long as the intention is clear.
You will have to fill out an application form and there will be questions about your medical history and your lifestyle.
the form, colour, and texture of the tree
Part of the reason why he doesn't reproduce his club form for England is that his form improves as the team he plays in gets better.
The correct Irish form of the name Ballyhaunis was then, and still is open to question.
the precepts that form the basis of the book
The Queen has paid for 33 clematis plants which will form the central path up to the marquee at her garden party on August 8 this year.