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forlorn / несчастный, заброшенный, одинокий
имя прилагательное
unhappy, miserable, unfortunate, poor, wretched, forlorn
abandoned, neglected, deserted, desolate, forlorn, godforsaken
alone, lonely, single, lone, solitary, forlorn
имя прилагательное
pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely.
forlorn figures at bus stops
(of an aim or endeavor) unlikely to succeed or be fulfilled; hopeless.
a forlorn attempt to escape
Considering he has taken a stack of wickets, Murali has cut a surprisingly forlorn figure in this series.
He cut a forlorn figure with no vest and in shoes at least two sizes too big.
There the Empress stands today, a somewhat forlorn figure.
Mark took one last look at the forlorn figure of Tina sitting at the table he had just abruptly left.
A pathetically forlorn figure, he set out to destroy all traces of the religion of his ancestors.
The bikers have started burning them down at night in a forlorn attempt to hold back the waves of progress that Phoenix is attracting with its golf courses.
They were forlorn , dejected, and pleading, yet so serenely resolved he was compelled to do as she asked.
The lonely letter looked forlorn , sitting like an omen on the smooth, glossy surface.
The shots were better than good and the swing rhythmic, but the young man in the white shirt still cut rather a forlorn figure.
Friends tell me Paul has been seen walking his dog around the Heath, looking rather forlorn and lonely.