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forked / раздвоенный, вилкообразный, разветвленный
имя прилагательное
forked, cloven, bifurcate, bifid, furcate
forked, Y-shaped
ramified, forked, branchy, divaricate, furcate, ramose
имя прилагательное
having a divided or pronged end or branches; bifurcated.
a deeply forked tail
(especially of a road or other route) divide into two parts.
the place where the road forks
dig, lift, or manipulate (something) with a fork.
fork in some compost
attack (two pieces) simultaneously with one piece.
Black has just pushed his pawn to d5, forking White's Bishop and Knight.
Because of the forked file structure, it is often necessary to encode Mac files before transferring them on the Internet or to other operating systems.
Both members of the pair build the nest, which is suspended from a horizontally forked branch.
With her tiny feet splayed in a ‘V’, the impression of a mermaid's forked tail is complete.
Long wings, forked tails and swooping graceful flight usually identify swallows.
All five species of frigatebirds are large black birds with long forked tails and angled wings.
He tickled the snake's chin gently, and in turn got his finger tickled by the forked tongue.
He dropped each one into the bucket, and his mother pushed them under with a forked stick.
It has a very deep, narrow body with a forked tailfin and is very slimy.
This is a forked stick around which the carded wool sausages are wound.
It looks like a heavily armed warrior, with a horned helmet and a vicious forked tail.