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fork / вилка, вилы, развилка
имя существительное
fork, yoke, bracket, prong, furcula, gab
pitchfork, fork, hayfork, crotch, pike, prong
fork, divarication
branch, bifurcate, ramify, fork, divaricate
работать вилами
diverge, disperse, break, break up, separate, fork
имя существительное
an implement with two or more prongs used for lifting food to the mouth or holding it when cutting.
All these invite the sidelong glances of those who pretend not to be looking, as when in a restaurant, she struggles to keep the food on the fork long enough to deposit it in the mouth.
a device, component, or part with two or more prongs, in particular.
A new, carbon fiber wrapped fork highlighted the component spec, as did a new headset.
the point where something, especially a road or river, divides into two parts.
It was as if she stood at a junction, or a fork in the road, and there wasn't any correct way to go.
a simultaneous attack on two or more pieces by one piece.
A fork occurs when one piece attacks two or more enemy units at the same time.
(especially of a road or other route) divide into two parts.
the place where the road forks
dig, lift, or manipulate (something) with a fork.
fork in some compost
attack (two pieces) simultaneously with one piece.
Black has just pushed his pawn to d5, forking White's Bishop and Knight.
I glanced around at the rest of the family, forks in the left hand, knives in the right, busily pushing food onto their forks with their knives.
Both were served with delicious green beans that still had a nice crunch to them and little roasted potatoes that you could easily pop into your mouth without a fork .
He repeated this three times and pointed to the sky, which began to resound with thunder, huge ominous dark clouds started to gather, lightning forked once or twice.
The entire sky writhed in agony above him, split by gigantic forks of lightning flashing between the clouds.
Do you sometimes long for a taste of your mom's beef dumpling or a forkful of warm wild blueberry pie in a flaky crust?
It was used to generate 3D models of many of the bike's components, including its forks , handlebars and even the cyclists' helmets.
But this is no simple relationship, like that of a vibrating tuning fork touched to your dining room table.
This band definitely took the right fork in the road.
They bring the steaks out on a silver platter and fork them onto your plate.
His head raised he looked first down one fork and then down the other, finally choosing one and setting off again.