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forgettable / легко забывающийся, забываемый
имя прилагательное
легко забывающийся
имя прилагательное
easily forgotten, especially through being uninteresting or mediocre.
Two whole easily forgettable years of torture and boredom are almost over.
Their set features a collection of almost identical, instantly forgettable rock-by-numbers songs.
Most of the presidents of this earlier era are eminently forgettable .
Overall, it's a mildly entertaining and totally forgettable movie experience.
So I guess the conclusion is that this is a mediocre, eminently forgettable album.
To tell you the truth if you asked me right now to hum it, I couldn't because it is totally unmemorable and forgettable .
Needless to say, the seven tracks on offer here are, insipid, uninspiring and forgettable .
The beasties remain forgettable , with weapons just as uninspired.
The CD is slightly more appealing than that image, as most things are, but also far more forgettable .
In fact, the story is pretty much forgettable , which is also an issue that the movie should have worked harder to overcome.
It has been a forgettable half-century, with the lone sparkle being the recent win against Zimbabwe.