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forget / забывать, не помнить, перезабыть
forget, lose sight of, lose, leave behind, sink
не помнить
fail to remember.
he had forgotten his lines
I know there are the people who will say just forget about it, it's not worth it.
And on the other hand I don't want him to call me, because it would be so much easier to forget about him that way.
to forget to do sth
That's where dishes you can pop in the oven and forget about come in.
He advised people with dogs to forget about exercise in the excessive heat and to make sure there was plenty of shade and cool water.
for years she had struggled to forget about him
Either buy the girl her superstructure out of the goodness of your heart or forget about it.
I forget exactly where I left it
Now in its eighth year, World Book Day encourages children to forget about technology and to get back to basics.
If you get to 30 and you're single, forget about it, you're one of life's singles.