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forgery / подделка, подлог, фальсификация
имя существительное
fake, forgery, counterfeit, falsification, fraud, imitation
forgery, counterfeit, fake
falsification, adulteration, forgery, sophistication
имя существительное
the action of forging or producing a copy of a document, signature, banknote, or work of art.
The basis of this action was forgery , fraud and perjury on the part of IAC.
There is no question but that these actions were a blatant breach of trust that was accomplished by forgery and attempted to be justified by fraud.
The second basis upon which the documents were rejected was that document forgery in Albania was endemic, if I may term it that way.
In most cases where forgery is alleged it will be of no great importance whether this is or is not made out to the required higher civil standard.
They were not asked to plead to charges of corruption, fraud, forgery and uttering, and contravening fishing laws.
At the same time the force's detection rates for theft and handling offences, fraud and forgery , drug offence and theft of and from cars crime went up.
So there were certain crimes that I think by statute prevented your admission, and my recollection is that forgery was one of them.
Other students have been codifying laws regarding fraud, forgery and rules on criminal culpability.
When women are convicted it is more likely to be for offences involving theft and handling stolen goods, fraud, and forgery .
Is a pedimento vitiated if obtained by fraud, or only if it is obtained through forgery ?
he was found guilty of forgery