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forfeit / штраф, неустойка, фант
имя существительное
fine, penalty, forfeit, surcharge, penalization, mulct
forfeit, philippine
pay, forfeit, pay for
lose, forfeit
терять право
имя прилагательное
confiscated, confiscate, expropriated, forfeit
имя прилагательное
lost or surrendered as a penalty for wrongdoing or neglect.
the lands which he had acquired were automatically forfeit
имя существительное
a fine or penalty for wrongdoing or for a breach of the rules in a club or game.
If the flame should accidentally be extinguished during transfer, then the receiving player is eliminated from the game, and must pay a forfeit .
lose or be deprived of (property or a right or privilege) as a penalty for wrongdoing.
those unable to meet their taxes were liable to forfeit their property
Let's face it, the Red Sox are a bigger reason than Hurricane Frances as to why the Yankees were seeking a forfeit victory over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays Monday.
If the copyright holder does not pay the tax for 3 years, then the work is forfeit to the public domain.
The Bronx Irishmen had previously beaten Manhattan Kickers and received a forfeit win over CD Iberia.
They have pledged to pay a forfeit to charity each time they made the error themselves.
Notwithstanding those performances, Forsyth conceded he may have to do the embarrassing end-of-season forfeit for players who finish the campaign try-less.
If he steps outside, he has breached the sureties of forfeit .
I thought that in a race, the loser has to pay a forfeit .
Colleagues chased each other and the loser was then sponsored to complete a forfeit .
The Bench ordered that the net and rabbits should be forfeit .
In meetings between the top three this season, leaving aside Thornlie's round one forfeit to Kenwick, the results have been full of interest.