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foreword / предисловие, введение
имя существительное
preface, preamble, foreword, introduction, proem
introduction, insertion, injection, establishment, institution, foreword
имя существительное
a short introduction to a book, typically by a person other than the author.
Again and again writers have explained themselves in a variety of ways: forewords , afterwords, essays, interviews, journal entries, not to mention stories or poems that rework old themes.
Maps, the foreword and introduction precede a glossary with notes and information about the translation form.
It covers ten areas, besides a brief foreword and a crisp introduction.
As the foreword of this book points out, it's only a stepping stone for aspiring kernel developers.
I didn't write it, although I submitted a foreword that the authors decided not to use.
The foreword to the book has been written by Paul Durcan, poet of international acclaim.
This highly praised study was first published last year and in this edition the author has updated the text and written a new foreword and epilogue.
As I recount in the foreword of the book, Jack never much liked handling other folks' characters.
In the foreword to his latest book, the Brazilian author apologises to his readers.
He'd found it as the foreword to a science-fiction book that hadn't been about much really.
Perhaps he is one author who does not make anyone else write the foreword of his books.