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forewoman / старшина женщин-присяжных, женщина-десятник, женщина-мастер
имя существительное
старшина женщин-присяжных
имя существительное
a female worker who supervises and directs other workers.
In this case women from the lower class of workers were still binding their feet while the ‘ forewomen ’ had begun to quit the practice.
After all, she has been his forewoman for years, and knows him like clockwork.
A group of jurors who wanted to convict deposed the forewoman .
No bullying nor entreating of the forewoman could persuade the women to return to work.
The jury forewoman on a capital murder trial said this of a fellow juror who believed the defendant deserved to die, yet couldn't vote for death.
I interviewed all the jurors after the trial, and what happened was, the forewoman on the eve of the verdict, the forewoman had a heart attack, and so they had to begin deliberations all over again.
‘We are very deadlocked, it's almost half and half,’ the forewoman later told the judge.
He showed no visible sign of emotion when the guilty pleas were announced by the jury forewoman .
According to a Reuters report, the jury forewoman said that the panel did not consider the verdict to be excessive.
The suspended assistant police commissioner had stood stoically as the jury forewoman was asked 20 times for a verdict.
The judge finally asked if there were any reasonable prospect that 10 of them might ever agree - the minimum number required for a verdict - and the forewoman replied, ‘No, your honour.’