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forever / навсегда, навечно, постоянно
forever, for ever, in perpetuity, forevermore, evermore, for keeps
forever, in perpetuity, for ever and ever, for perpetuity, to perpetuity, for ever and a day
constantly, always, permanently, forever, perennially, hourly
имя существительное
eternity, forever, age, perpetuity, immortality, eon
for all future time; for always.
she would love him forever
she was forever pushing her hair out of her eyes
имя прилагательное
lasting or permanent.
these puppies need a forever home
I had decided to put my hair in a bun with curls, and my hair usually takes forever to get just right.
Twombly's brush and pencil are always moving, his fingers forever in the paint.
For those forever on the move nothing is quite as appealing as a tailback on the M8.
Boy is called urgently to obscure Greek Island, where it seems girl has disappeared forever into the realm of dreams.
He took a deep breath and said a quick prayer for courage, then he moved on with his life, a life that would forever seem empty and pointless.
When seamless stockings were developed it changed the future of ladies hosiery forever .
I lay there for what seemed like forever before I could breathe, let alone move.
Lisa noted the way his light brown hair fell over his forehead and the way he was forever pushing it back.
We were not thinking about turning ourselves into geriatric backpackers, forever on the move.
I have a vegan friend, and if I could find her a cheesecake substitute, she would love me forever .