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forethought / предусмотрительность, преднамеренность, умение рассчитать заранее
имя существительное
foresight, precaution, forethought, prudence, caution, providence
forethought, premeditation, aforethought
умение рассчитать заранее
имя существительное
careful consideration of what will be necessary or may happen in the future.
Jim had the forethought to book in advance
I heard enough of those kind of comments in high school to last a lifetime and can only ascribe its appearance in a normally responsible publication to poor editing and lack of forethought .
I'm sorry to be snarky, but it all just seems so damn selfish and lacking in forethought .
I mean, it is really quite extraordinary that he has eluded capture, and it suggests careful forethought on his part.
The Council have shown a big lack of forethought and this needs to be done now, it must happen.
Such a state of affairs has left many riders outraged at the lack of forethought put into the legalization of big bikes.
A lack of forethought will effectively mean that they have blood on their hands.
She begins to realize that lack of knowledge and lack of forethought often lead people to do things that they might not otherwise do.
I would not recommend using these questions casually, without careful forethought or consideration for the other person's feelings.
It's pathetic, I know, but then I also know that the vast majority of muggings, thefts and attacks could be avoided with some careful forethought .
They can be counted on to enthusiastically endorse any Democratic Party idea, regardless of how utterly void of common sense or careful forethought .