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foretell / предсказывать
predict, prophesy, forecast, foretell, divine, soothsay
predict (the future or a future event).
as he foretold, thousands lost their lives
I say this because I don't know of any other religion that has been able to foretell the future through prophets.
In other words, they actually believe that children use cardboard toys to cast spells and foretell the future.
My follow up to this story was that Joe could foretell his future back then.
A science which teaches to judge of the effects and influences of the stars, and to foretell future events, by their situation and different aspects.
History hangs on thousands of fragile threads, and speculating on the unhappened past is almost as great a folly as trying to foretell the future.
The prophecies of Nostradamus are said to foretell events centuries in his future.
Sometimes, your ability to foretell the future is uncanny.
In pagan times poets were thought to be gifted with second sight, able in a trance or frenzy to foretell future events.
Who would have been brave enough to foretell football's future 50 years ago?
The true prophet does not foretell an inevitable future, but warns of likely consequences should a present course of action continue.