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foretaste / предвкушение
имя существительное
anticipation, foretaste, expectancy, expectation, handsel, expectance
look forward to, anticipate, foretaste, hope
имя существительное
a sample or suggestion of something that lies ahead.
the freezing rain was a foretaste of winter
Or is it a meager, yet expressive hint that the forgiveness of sins is a foretaste of eternal life?
Back outside the day centre in Inverness, a chill wind blew off the Moray Firth, a foretaste of the approaching winter.
However, your stop-over will probably act as a foretaste of this incredible land of rugged terrain and rocky coasts, and not forgetting the fact that Japan is one of the few places in the world that enjoys four seasons.
As Lorraine recalls, the couple had an early foretaste of what lay ahead as they flew into Havana, the Cuban capital.
Here, a little extra altitude gave them all a foretaste of the winter to come.
The merger's torturous progress to completion may have given a foretaste of the problems that lay ahead.
September and October are the best months to sample the new wine, giving a foretaste of what the following year's vintage will be like.
The programme even opens with a theatrically portentous pre-credits teaser, an appetising foretaste of the bloodshed to come.
For Bulgarians, the day was declared a public holiday, with formalities, flag-raisings, fireworks and concerts, a small foretaste of similar celebrations that will be held when the day comes to join the EU.
You will not sleep more than a few hours and the illness is less serious than my anger or cruelty and the dark bedroom is like a foretaste of other darknesses to come later which all of us must endure alone but here I am permitted to be with you