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forestall / предупреждать, упреждать, предвосхищать
warn, prevent, notify, anticipate, notice, forestall
forestall, warn
anticipate, forestall, antedate
prevent or obstruct (an anticipated event or action) by taking action ahead of time.
vitamins may forestall many diseases of aging
He closed his eyes, raising a hand to forestall her.
To forestall property-tax increases, for instance, some homeowner groups recommended higher business taxes.
But, to forestall a rebellion among the unemployed, they skew the numbers each month to make the problem seem far less than it is.
I don't want her reporting this car to the police, and I didn't know what else to offer to forestall her.
That being the case, Christians must welcome, rather than object to, any measure to forestall fraudulent conversions.
Hoping to forestall Henry by attacking and demoralising his supporters, Stephen laid siege to Wallingford Castle on the Thames, a dozen miles south-east of Oxford.
Republican efforts to repeal estate taxes and lower income taxes - predominantly of benefit to the wealthy - is now being marketed to the public as a way to stimulate the economy and to forestall an economic downturn.
vitamins may forestall many diseases of aging
To forestall him, however, supporters of the fallen ministers in Paris were now planning a very different sort of coup: popular intervention on a scale not seen since the ill-fated Champ de Mars petition the year before.
So I put up a hand to forestall him and said, ‘It's working quite well, thank you.’