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forest / лес, заповедник, заказник
имя существительное
forest, wood, scaffold
reserve, preserve, sanctuary, conservation, park, forest
wildlife sanctuary, forest
имя прилагательное
forest, timber, wood, woodland, woody, sylvan
засаживать лесом
forest, afforest
имя существительное
a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth.
a pine forest
cover (land) with forest; plant with trees.
a forested area
Now is the time to turn your desktop into a veritable forest of eye-candy.
Ahead we encountered a dense forest of steel beams half a metre wide and just over a metre apart.
Clearly, there does not need to be a forest of signs lecturing visitors about what they can and cannot do.
The substitute kept his shot low and it found its way through a forest of legs and into the bottom right corner.
A forest of hurls pulled, no one really connected and the ball squirted wide.
The mountain was mostly covered of a pine tree forest , and was the home of many species of birds.
With the ball pinballing amongst a forest of legs on the edge of the penalty box it fell to Bingham who dispatched a half volley low into the net.
a large tract of forest
a forest of high-rise apartments
Whether looking at a slimy whale taste bud or a forest of pink jellyfish, there is no shortage of eye candy.