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foresight / предвидение, предусмотрительность, мушка
имя существительное
foresight, anticipation, foreknowledge, vision, prevision, prescience
foresight, precaution, forethought, prudence, caution, providence
beauty spot, bead, foresight, loo, patch, muzzle-sight
имя существительное
the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future.
he had the foresight to check that his escape route was clear
The recent recycling of presidents shows no foresight for the future.
This lack of foresight and thoughtless preparation for implementation can clearly have a negative impact on teachers and students, as demonstrated in this study.
Yet look at the damage that many of these other highly speculative and risky professions have caused in the name of science due to their lack of insight, foresight , common sense or humility.
‘I knew that was the skill I was going to need,’ he says, as though such foresight is perfectly normal for eight year olds.
Since we lack prophetic foresight , we cannot predict the outcomes of our decisions.
Buyers and sellers have perfect foresight ; all future incomes are fully known and are reflected in current asset prices.
I'd like to add to our understanding of that situation by looking, in hindsight, at what was predicted with foresight before the war.
We don't necessarily need prophetic foresight , just the ability to calculate what might result from our actions.
No one, certainly, has perfect foresight into the uncertain future.
It therefore supplied what all industrialists desired, namely, a degree of foresight , through its ability to cost for future changes.