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forerunner / предшественник, предтеча, предвестник
имя существительное
predecessor, precursor, progenitor, forerunner, forbear, foregoer
forerunner, precursor
precursor, harbinger, forerunner, herald, messenger, prognostic
имя существительное
a person or thing that precedes the coming or development of someone or something else.
the icebox was a forerunner of today's refrigerator
The suburb is more of an ad hoc social development, a forerunner of the gated community, built around the principle of exclusion.
The initiative was perhaps the forerunner of today's hospitality boxes, although with a slight difference.
Charlotte writes: ‘The heath is in full bloom now - I have waited and watched for its purple signal as the forerunner of your coming’.
Mr Freeman said some people were opposed to anything they saw as a forerunner of development.
Three birdies in the first five holes saw him close the gap with Els to only one as the players struggled in the continual rain that forecasters warned was a forerunner of a severe gale that was heading towards the Mount Juliet course.
Was it perhaps a warning about female intemperance, an early forerunner of Mother's Ruin?
Instead it was added at the cooking stage through the addition of substances like garum, which was made from salted anchovies, the forerunner of today's ketchup.
The forerunner of today's thrill-filled white knuckle rides has been putting people in York in a spin.
the icebox was a forerunner of today's refrigerator
the ice safe was a forerunner of today's refrigerator