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foreplay / эротическое стимулирование, любовная игра
имя существительное
эротическое стимулирование
любовная игра
имя существительное
sexual activity that precedes intercourse.
STIs can often be passed on during intimate physical contact as well as full sexual intercourse, including sexual foreplay , anal, and oral sex.
The Prophet even advocated foreplay and stressed the importance of sexual relations within marriage.
My advice would be to make foreplay and togetherness the focus and let things happen.
I don't much care for the kind of extended foreplay that's typically recommended.
Consider it a hip-hop equivalent of sexually frustrated, adolescent foreplay .
They may assume that women only enjoy foreplay and not intercourse.
We used the performance script for foreplay in place of the performance script for intercourse.
It sounds like you just need to get more creative in your sex life with foreplay , new techniques, or even sex toys.
Thus, the length of foreplay may influence the duration of intercourse and vice versa.
She nods in commiseration, and I realize that talking about exes at a party like this may be an acceptable form of foreplay .
The sapphic act is that: a performance that is part of heterosexual foreplay .