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forename / имя
имя существительное
name, first name, given name, forename, Christian name, appellation
Most correspondents conclude their letters with a forename or initials.
The name is half real, half invention - an old family surname, subsumed to a middle name, it ultimately became a forename .
I am particularly fascinated by the non-French spelling of his forename .
Some recent English language textbooks give Le Chatelier's forename the more usual French spelling, ‘Henri’.
This case concerns a dispute with the child's forename , not his surname.
This basic search will allow wildcards for single or multiple characters; also synonyms and abbreviations so that if you provide a full forename the system will return matching synonyms and abbreviations.
Was it merely a coincidence that she had the same forename as CJ's daughter?
Now people are enlightened to realise there is only a forename , middle name and a surname not a Christian name.
The name badges will show the forename and family name, but not rank.
The surname may ring a bell but the forename may not.