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foremost / прежде всего, в первую очередь, на первом месте
прежде всего
primarily, first of all, above all, foremost, in the first place, in the first instance
в первую очередь
primarily, first of all, first, in the first place, first and foremost, foremost
на первом месте
имя прилагательное
advanced, forward, progressive, leading, foremost, innovative
outstanding, prominent, eminent, distinguished, remarkable, foremost
front, anterior, forward, head, fore, foremost
имя прилагательное
most prominent in rank, importance, or position.
one of the foremost art collectors of his day
before anything else in rank, importance, or position; in the first place.
O'Keefe's work was, foremost, an expression of the feelings of a woman
He is one of the country's foremost attorneys in the field of art and licensing law.
The early modern Italian courts saw the creation of some of Europe's foremost collections of works of art.
It is the parents' primary and foremost responsibility to care for their children.
Learn from the foremost experts in the fine art world during the new Gallery Seminars.
We know that burning fossil fuels is the foremost contributor to climate change.
He understands that the poem is foremost a form of communication, and fails if it becomes inscrutable.
From Wednesday pulling pints will be foremost on her mind as she takes over Kelly's, Narraghmore.
There has to be room for both the wild fish and the fish farms to survive, and it will be my task to keep that fact foremost in the mind of decision-makers.
It seems Cassavetes was foremost a humanist who lived to record our crazy, mad ways.
First and foremost , at primary level, there is the family doctor programme in the community.