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foremast / фок-мачта
имя существительное
имя существительное
the mast of a ship nearest the bow.
This he mounted on the cap of the foremast to give the ship a striking and original look.
We followed in the footsteps of the crew along the flying walkway, passing under a large A-frame that supported the foremast .
The tallest mast in the middle is the mainmast, and the mast closest to the bow - that's the front of the boat - is the foremast .
At last a shot rang true, cutting the foremast of the frigate in two.
When she got to the bow, she stopped, placing the foremast between them.
Defence took possession and the foremast fell over the side.
The safety of the increasingly dilapidated hulk is by no means assured and the situation is worsened when the foremast is damaged.
At the end of the third week at sea, a large barrel with a greased bung hole in the side is brought up from the hold and placed on deck, lashed to the foremast .
A curious sight met their eyes as they came cautiously around the foremast .
The foremast had broken and sloped down to the seabed, but the funnel still stood and the wooden planking of the stern deck was intact and clean.
From a sheath mounted next to the foremast he pulled a long sword and, laying the smoke down on an air vent, with one thwack cut off the end.