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foreman / мастер, прораб, десятник
имя существительное
master, foreman, artisan, nailer, hand, repairer
foreman, headman, ganger, boss, overman, taskmaster
имя существительное
a worker, especially a man, who supervises and directs other workers.
For management officials and industrial arbitrators, male aggression towards foremen and supervisors was far more serious than such behavior toward fellow workers.
As far as I know, one foreman and two other workers have made these charges.
It was the foreman speaking on behalf of the jury, as I understand it, your Honour.
Ideally your foreman or job supervisors should conduct your toolbox talks.
One week the men were shorthanded, so one of them who knew me to be a hard worker asked the foreman to send me over.
After filling in the verdict, the jury foreman would then sign the issue paper on behalf of all the jurors.
He has worked on the farm for 13 years and is now an assistant foreman who supervises crews that tend the vines.
They were never the foreman , never the worker, always the guy that ordered stuff or coordinated stuff.
Only the job foreman or supervisor need to be knowledgeable and experienced.
In the past, a foreman or supervisor would keep watch over staff to ensure production in the factory was maintained.
She believed he had not received sufficient supervision because the foreman had two trainees to look out for.