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forelock / чуб, челка, хохол
имя существительное
forelock, cowlick
bang, fringe, forelock, quiff
Ukrainian, toupee, forelock, toupet
имя существительное
a lock of hair growing just above the forehead.
His shaggy forelock of dark hair was sticking up oddly over his shocked eyes.
One of the Shetlands called Pinkerton is a palomino with large bulging black eyes, a long forelock , mane and tail and a sandy coloured mark down his spine.
She absently stroked the horse's silky forelock but an insistent whinny reminded her of Hope.
He has an all-white body with colored ears and some color in his forelock and mane, but I believe that will disappear and he will become all white.
Bring it diagonally across the forelock , where it will become the first ‘center’ strand.
He flicked his ears forward attentively and tossed his head, sending his forelock and mane flying.
His shaggy forelock of dark hair was sticking up oddly over his shocked eyes.
They have an erect mane and lack the forelock of a horse.
Sam Beckett seemed to be a handsome man in his early forties, with a single white forelock in an otherwise brown head of hair.
He grasps a forelock between his thumb, his index finger, and the one beside it and he twirls it around and around, until it stands up in a little tuft.
Every fleeting image was of a taller young man, perhaps in his early forties, a man with longish brown hair distinguished by a single white forelock falling into warm hazel eyes.