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foreleg / передняя нога или лапа
имя существительное
передняя нога или лапа
forefoot, foreleg
имя существительное
either of the front legs of a four-footed animal.
Males have a matt black coat, with white socks and a widening black stripe on the front of their forelegs .
On the day after the final molt, each male was weighed and the tibia-patella length of a foreleg was measured while he was anesthetized with CO 2.
The male orients toward the female, follows her, taps her abdomen with his foreleg , extends and vibrates his wing, licks her genitalia, and then mounts her and initiates copulation.
This was horrible enough, but what made her all the more terrible to behold was the single foreleg she held in front of her.
Punctures of the abdomen were made medial-ventrally, and punctures of the thorax were made laterally at the base of the left foreleg .
After he had his fill, the mantis gave his foreleg several swift jerks and freed his leg.
He's got a hairline fracture in his foreleg , nothing a little time won't heal, which is good.
This disease is also caused by a less-than-ideal fit between bone and joint, this time between the foreleg and the upper arm.
The thickness and width of the foreleg , taken at the exact center of the foreleg bone, were measured.
The flies' preference for attacking cattle's forelegs can also render ineffective such animal treatments as back rubs and ear tags.
One female searched in various spots from 1050 to 1149 hrs before she began digging with the mandibles and forelegs .