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foreknow / предвидеть, знать наперед
foresee, anticipate, forecast, envisage, foreknow, divine
знать наперед
be aware of (an event) before it happens.
he foreknows his death like a saint
First, the short answer to the question whether God can foreknow contingent events is no.
He had explained that, for the purposes of their discussion, he was assuming that God does not cause the events he foreknows: he knows them because they happen, rather than their happening because he foreknows them.
It is through the Dandy that the artist foreknows his double nature.
In the eyes, God declares his knowledge, by which he foresees and foreknows all.
Rather, God foreknew the Fall, so He programmed creatures with the information for design features for attack and defense that they would need in a cursed world.