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foreigner / иностранец, чужеземец, чужестранец
имя существительное
foreigner, alien, gringo, tramontane, continental
stranger, foreigner, outlander, tramontane
stranger, foreigner, alien, outlander
имя существительное
a person born in or coming from a country other than one's own.
This foreigner was born in Japan, as were his parents.
You may even feel like an outsider - a foreigner in your own country.
Born in Glasgow, he seemed more like a foreigner than a familiar face after the best part of two decades playing and coaching in Holland.
In Japan it seems, once a foreigner, eternally a foreigner .
I was an outsider, a foreigner , not even an employee and we talked about anything and everything.
Looking around this country through the eyes of a gaijin - a foreigner - things are just different.
The name of a child born to a foreigner in Bulgaria will be determined according to the parents' decision.
Not that I don't think it's a good idea - hell, if it had been my misfortune to be born a foreigner , I might do the same - but I wonder what put it in their heads to do it now.
This sounds unlikely coming from a farang - the Thai term for a foreigner - but the trader doesn't hesitate.
He did concede that he would never quite belong at Old Trafford, would always remain a foreigner there.
From his youth, he had styled himself as a foreigner and an outsider.