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forehand / удар справа, передняя часть корпуса лошади
имя существительное
удар справа
передняя часть корпуса лошади
имя прилагательное
early, advance, beforehand, forehand, forward, forehanded
имя существительное
(in tennis and other racket sports) a stroke played with the palm of the hand facing in the direction of the stroke.
a good forehand drive
the part of a horse in front of the saddle.
Keep your balance back off their forehand , in order to help them lift their front end.
At the same time, I wanted her right forearm to roll over as if she were hitting a forehand topspin shot in tennis.
Batting in softball, teeing off in golf and hitting a forehand in tennis also require the type of muscle conditioning provided by this exercise.
Some horses never completely catch up and stay built downhill, or what we call on their forehand , their whole lives.
a good forehand drive
The cable fly is also a great exercise for racket sports such as tennis, racquetball, squash and badminton when executing the forehand stroke.
It will then never be able to get light on the forehand as it is being taught the opposite.
a good forehand drive
A slice of fortune and a rasping forehand drive earns the Moroccan three break points.
Keep your balance back off their forehand , in order to help them lift their front end.
Behind the pavilion, tennis players traded forehands and backhands on the red courts that spread beneath the canopy of trees in the Edinburgh Gardens.