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foreground / передний план, авансцена, самое видное место
имя существительное
передний план
proscenium, apron, foreground, forestage
самое видное место
имя прилагательное
actualize, foreground
имя существительное
the part of a view that is nearest to the observer, especially in a picture or photograph.
the images show vegetation in the foreground
make (something) the most prominent or important feature.
sexual relationships are foregrounded and idealized
issues which have occupied the political foreground in recent years
With the Florida Supreme Court decision ordering a hand count of tens of thousands of ballots across the state, the basic issue in the US election crisis has been thrust to the foreground .
No matter, as one antitrust case fades another begins to move into the foreground .
And that is the casino in the foreground of this photograph?
The collapse of the facade called the ‘Third Way’ is now bringing the real social and political issues to the foreground .
Do you need the kids on the sandbar in the foreground to make the picture?
The pronounced distortions of the cobbled street and the seller of musical instruments in the foreground of this picture have provoked critics into a series of conjectures about how it was painted and originally displayed.
He places it in the foreground of the picture, lapping with its little pink tongue at the deep red blood which trickles down the torso of the tortured satyr.
The big political question is how far that patriotism comes into the foreground , and in what ways.
His approach, though, put the texts in the foreground against the backdrop of a social context, and my own is somewhat different.