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foregoing / вышеупомянутый, предшествующий
имя прилагательное
aforementioned, foregoing, said, aforesaid, above-mentioned, same
previous, prior, preceding, foregoing, antecedent, anterior
имя прилагательное
just mentioned or stated; preceding.
the foregoing discussion has juxtaposed management and owner control
имя существительное
the things just mentioned or stated.
As far as I can see, the foregoing constitutes the single most radical criticism of Islam available in the world.
precede in place or time.
So she did his bidding and gave him the cup, which no sooner had he drunk than his head forewent his feet.
The foregoing discussion has shown how there are still many features of the law which reflect the primary importance attached by social policy to the formation of family relationships within the framework of marriage.
In view of the foregoing , it is clear that the new government will have to place fresh orders for weaponry so that the programme to modernise the armed forces does not become moribund.
The foregoing analysis showed the importance of rescaling in the reforms of the 1990s.
An important implication of the foregoing is that the essential preparation for Christmas is ‘remote, not proximate,’ to recall an ancient distinction.
I suppose I should say just whom I refer to when I use ‘liberals’ as a noun in the foregoing since I am being so mean to them.
None of the foregoing should be interpreted as criticism of secondary teachers or officers of the New South Wales Department of Education.
Hence, if my article was intended as doublespeak, the foregoing is my apology.
The foregoing analysis of the historical and physical set-up of Kenya provides the background to the key challenges facing the country as it attempts to incorporate IT into its public school system.
The foregoing analysis allows us to suppose that our version is of a better quality compared to the revised map presented on the website.
The foregoing remarks hardly rise above the level of common sense, but they serve to frame a rather striking historical fact.