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forefinger / указательный палец
имя существительное
указательный палец
index finger, forefinger, index
имя существительное
the finger next to the thumb; the first or index finger.
He holds up his hand, the little finger and the forefinger extended.
Spend some time massaging the forefinger and thumb of each hand - this will improve your stamina and vitality.
I pointed a forefinger to my forehead, then drew my finger across my lips, as he had.
She looked down at her left hand, the forefinger and thumb tattooed with gold, in a design much like a Signature.
For example, he cannot oppose his right forefinger and thumb and can only, with difficulty, touch his mouth with his hand.
He gently took her chin between his forefinger and his thumb and raised it so she could look him in the eyes.
He holds up his hand, the little finger and the forefinger extended.
They touch the knuckle of the forefinger on their right hand to their foreheads in salute.
If I put my hand really close to my face, I can squish the land between my forefinger and my thumb.
Slowly they held their hands out but only with their forefinger and thumb extended.
Grip the club with pressure in the last three fingers of each hand, but with no pressure in the thumbs and forefingers .